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Welcome to PlasmaHemp Farm in Ibiza

We are the No.1 officially registered hemp farm on the Balearic island of Ibiza in Spain. Passionate dedication combined with our meticulous precision and experience make our hemp cultivation unique

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In October 2020, we have completed our harvest and curing

Top-shelf quality hemp CBD flowers have been further hand-crafted into some of the best product available on the market. How do we do it? From the beginning, we choose the right seeds, we water the soil, take care of the growth environment, carefully harvest and select the right crop, process it (hang-to-dry), we give it superior hand-trimming and some loving packaging.

What makes our cultivation the best


Sunny weather

We enjoy the uninterrupted sunny weather during the cultivation period. No air pollution



The soil

Fertile Mediterranean soil and access to pristine groundwater, we’re so fortunate. We make no intervention into the field's fauna and flora (this allows the natural presence of other plants and insects



Organically grown

No pesticides and herbicides, no commercial fertilizers; we use no chemicals of any kind whatsoever



In the past, the soil on which we began to cultivate our plants was only covered with weeds—we have kept most of those, as we believe that this fertile soil knows well what's right. The previously unexploited soil and access to pristine underground water have been a big help in obtaining great results!



We wouldn't want to damage the surrounding environment, we’d rather grow with it. We strive to observe the changes in order to make the best holistic adjustments so that we can be at peace.



See some photos from the field

Our Products

With outdoor growing as the source, we rate our product at 10/10!

The goods have been vacuum-packed and kept in dark and cool storage the whole time.

PlasmaHemp CBD Flowers

Our CBD Flowers have been dried, cured and trimmed by specialists with many years of experience in the business. You will enjoy an earthy, blueberry, and herb aroma

PlasmaHemp Pre-rolls

These beauties come in “98 Special” RAW cones, 0.9 g

Watch the unpacking video

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PlasmaHemp Farm, San Antonio, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain